Maczek Memorial Breda

Maczek Memorial Breda

Welcome to the Maczek Memorial Breda. We would like to tell you more about the liberation of Breda in 1944. In addition, we offer a current program in which freedom, peace and democracy are central.

Bob Manders

Bob Manders

Bob Manders is an architect who combines a sensitive understanding of the past with a passion for innovation. He draws on the very best from his own Dutch heritage – an appreciation of Rembrandt’s use of light, for instance – and fuses it with the sound architectural principles of acknowledged masters.


Here are some of the websites I've helped create at DOCK-14. We've used the ProcessWire CMS for content management, and use a frontend framework (AngularJS, VUE, BabylonJS) that plays nice with CSS transitions for the visual design. The website you're currently visiting is also made with ProcessWire, and uses a simple implementation of VUE3.


Hello, my name is Frans van Berendonk. I'm a software developer from the Netherlands. During the day I develop websites and online apps for DOCK14, and in my free time I enjoy playing videogames, and developing my own modest code experiments in Unity. I've been interested in design since I could hold a pencil, and in programming ever since I my dad showed me BASIC on an Acorn Atom he soldered together himself.

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