A SEO friendly way to make menu's in VUE3

Since VUE3 doesn't care about SEO (but we do!), I've opted for a simple but effective way to design the navigation of the website. Basicly, all the dock component does is open and close itself. It isn't at all interested in the actual menu, which is added to a container using a slot. This keeps the menu available for webcrawlers, and we don't have to fetch the required data.

VUE3 Color Picker for CSS Root Vars

This component is used in the website's heading. When you click one of the buttons, a set of RGB values are ran through a method (pickColor) which sets two style properties: a regular one, and one with transparancy added for duotone rendering.

Using Vue3 in ProcessWire Templates

I finally made the switch from AngularJS to VUE for professional websites, and so my own website couldn't lag behind. It was surprisingly easy to get VUE3 working on a ProcessWire installation. This page covers the basics - you could wrap all of this code in a module if that's what you prefer. This is just one way to do it, and assumes you're using the default template system.



A unique inspiration location in a beautiful green environment in the heart of Brabant. An intimate location where you have a quiet and stylish meeting, organize a strategy session, brainstorm, develop new concepts, celebrate a success, give a coaching session, organize a workshop or training with short breaks in the lovely garden or in the nearby forest.

mooR Oisterwijk

mooR Oisterwijk

The culinary journey. Welkom bij mooR. We nemen u graag mee op culinaire reis met heerlijke gerechten & unieke wijnen uit onze wijnkelder.

Droomboulevard Oisterwijk

Droomboulevard Oisterwijk

The dream experts at Droombouvelard Oisterwijk know what they are talking about and are happy to advise you on a tailor-made basis. Suitable for your taste, wishes and budget. Buying the right bed with a matching mattress ensures wonderful nights of undisturbed sleep and dreams.

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