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Frans van Berendonk / Proficiencies


Frontend Development

HTML, CSS and Javascript together are the main staple for any modern frontend work. It's what anything visual has under the hood on the web, and what all these juicy frontend frameworks actually consist of. As a webdeveloper these three markup- and programming languages have been lifelong career companions. From the days of frames and tables to today's responsive landscape: these technologies are as old as the web itself and come in many flavours, from archaic dogma to modern poetry. I like to sit in the middle somewhere - trusting in tried and true technology while keeping an open mind to more modern approaches of the lingua francas of the web.

Netbeans IDE

Backend Development

As long as I can remember I've been reading and writing PHP. Many open source content management systems are written in PHP and it's widely supported by webhosts, so an obvious choice for any webdeveloper that wants to do backend work - and learn doing so for free. My personal choice when it comes to a CMS is ProcessWire: a lightweight but extremely robust CMS that comes with a handy API. It absolutely blows other open source systems out of the water in terms of portability, scalability, user friendlyness and flexibility: I haven't been offered a challenge I couldn't deliver in ProcessWire quickly and cleanly.

Netbeans IDE
Zend Framework

Game Development

I'm an avid gamer, and one thing I've always wanted to do was create my own video game. With small independent studio's becoming more accepted in mainstream gaming, I couldn't resist learning a game engine. Because Unity uses C# (a programming language that is similar in syntax to ActionScript 3.0) I felt quite at home when giving it a try. I've started my foray into game development in Januari 2020 and plan to learn Unity on my own for a full year before committing to the development of an actual title. So far I've been able to emulate a lot of things I see in games - but am especially drawn to programming and physics logic.

Unity Engine
Microsoft Visual Studio

Adobe Creative Cloud

Oh Adobe... what would designers be without you! As much as I enjoy working with open source software there is no substitute for Adobe software such as Photoshop and Animate. While I'm not a designer in the artistic sense I do enjoy the more technical aspects of imaging and video, animation and prototyping. Adobe products have been a main staple of my eduction and remain a steady influence in my daily routine working with designers, photographers, and content admins.

Adobe Animate
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects