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Eve Online: Triglavian Invasion

The one-of-a-kind space MMO Eve Online is a single-shard universe shared by thousands of players that has been running for over a decade. I've played the game for years, but stopped playing after achieving what I set out to do and growing somewhat bored with the gameplay on offer. However, Eve Online's universe has been invaded by a new faction of NPC's called the Triglavian Collective. This reignited by interest in the game and as such I've resubbed my Omega account to check out what's what.

Choosing a side

This is no normal incursion (a PVE event where players must band together to defeat an invasion of hostile NPCs) where a few systems contain PVE sites to run. Systems under invasion by Traglavian forces are subject to a tug of war between the Triglavian Collective and EDENCOM, a joint force between the the 4 Empire Navies and CONCORD. Players must chose a side, and their actions determine the fate of the system. Going through several tiers of TriglavianĀ invasion or EDENCOM reinforcement, the final state of the systems is seemingly permanent. Once a system has entered the Final Luminality (Triglavian) or Fortress (EDENDOM) state, the tug of war concludes and a system falls under the juristiction of either faction.

Due to the way faction standings work in Eve Online, players will have to decide which faction to support. At default standings (0 for both factions) the Triglavians will be hostile and EDENCOM will be indifferent to a player. Shooting either side in whatever site or engagement modifies standings, so there's no way to remain neutral to both.

For me this shook things up considerably. The lowsec haunt I frequented before I took a break from the game (and where most of my stuff is located) was under invasion so I decided to side with the Triglavian Collective. By helping them defeat EDENCOM forces in this system I hope to maintain the system modifier their upgrades bring. Since my character has a relatively high skillpoint count (120 million SP) I can solo the EDENCOM Forward Posts with some careful effort. Doing this in lowsec is somewhat dangerous, but since I'm alone in the system 90% of the time and the site constantly respawns, it's a steady source of ISK and T2 salvage. So I've restarted my industrial operations in lowsec... but this time under the caring shroud of our benevolent new masters: the Triglavian Collective!