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A new lick of paint

I got bored with my old layout as soon as I finished my new website. Go figure. I jacked in a new font and added the proficiencies page as a Template. It lists all the stuff I'm working with at the moment. Well, the relevant stuff anyway. I learned object oriented programming in AS3 but that's hardly relevant for today's market. That's also why Java is excluded. I could list each and every language or framework I've touched but who of you remembers RobotLegs? It's probably the best framework you never worked with.

Should you read this in the future, google what happened in 2020. The world is going through rapid (and possibly temporary) changes, and with that comes a whole range of communication and automation stuff to hack together. Hence this might be my last update for a while, as the work is picking up considerably. While being out and about comes with a modicum of risk I'm at the very least glad to be busy. That's also a good reason to give a shoutout to the people enabling me to work at DOCK14. Did you know you can order sashimi from mooR Oisterwijk right at your doorstep? I sure didn't, untill we changed the website!

At work I'm also working on a "cheap and easy" e-commerce module for ProcessWire. There are a few available, but we decided to roll our own so we could extend it for clients that require more then click thing, put in list, send email type of solutions. We already have some experience with the Mollie payment API and I'm planning on diving deep into Bol.com's Retailer API, which is a major national player and an obvious choice if you want to boost sales via their website. The code is all very secret :) but I can tell you that byeve.be is going to get it's own webshop. Soon.