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Eve Online: Triglavian Invasion

Published 24/09/2020

The one-of-a-kind space MMO Eve Online is a single-shard universe shared by thousands of players that has been running for over a decade. I've played the game for years, but stopped playing after achieving what I set out to do and growing somewhat bored with the gameplay on offer.

mooR Oisterwijk

Published 11/08/2020

We completed the new website for mooR Oisterwijk. The graphic design is made by Dennis Boekhout.

A new lick of paint

Published 18/05/2020

I got bored with my old layout as soon as I finished my new website. Go figure.

Easy Inverse Kinematics

Published 14/03/2020

I've always thought IK implementations were mathematicly too complex for me. However, Unity supports IK for humanoid avatars out of the box and I couldn't resist at least trying it out.

Creating meshes at runtime in Unity

Published 04/03/2020

There comes a point where you'll want to create your own meshes at runtime dynamicly. Diving into code that generates 3D objects is always a bit daunting due to the required math, but I was pleasantly surprised Unity has a pretty decent example sitting in the docs.