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Tilburg Campaign: The Impossible Lands

Set on the island of Jalmeray, a new adventure awaits three eager heroes in the Impossible Lands setting of Golarion.



An Isle of Peace and Perfection

Thee unlikely heroes gather at the Monastery of the Earthen Fist near Prada Hanam. What was intended as a joyous reuinion, soon takes a dire turn as the fiends of Jalmeray start to make sudden moves against the divine and make off with a holy statue. The PC's fend of an attack by the School of the Scorpion, a martial arts school with a dubious reputation. The proposed leader of this attack wore a Calikang mask, hinting at further desecration of holy places on the island. The party sets off to meet with a hermit monk that might point them to these holy places, as they attempt to return the stolen statue of a mummified monk containing a secret technique of the Earthen Fist.


This adventure is currently being played! Check back soon!