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Tilburg Campaign: The Impossible Lands

Set on the island of Jalmeray, a new adventure awaits three eager heroes in the Impossible Lands setting of Golarion.

An Isle of Peace and Perfection

Thee unlikely heroes gather at the Monastery of the Earthen Fist near Prada Hanam. What was intended as a joyous reuinion, soon takes a dire turn as the fiends of Jalmeray start to make sudden moves against the divine.

On The Trail Of The Scorpion

After speaking with Chalabay, the proprietor of the village's fishery, the party decides to travel to Prada Hanam and take a landbound route. Failing a survival check, the party disturbes a Giant Scorpion that rustles in some underbrush along the road!


A student of the Way of Unbending Iron, Willow trains at the Monestary of the Earthen Fist to one day compete in The Challenge of Sky and Heaven.


Lei-Chi and his Eidolon regard the monastery's garden their home. Together with other Leshies and Gorans they act as both caretakers of the garden grounds, as well as it's first line of defense against interlopers and malign spirits.


Contracted by the Vudran government, Yuki is an freshly hired assassin assigned to surgically and silently remove disruptive Asura and foreign influencers in Prada Hanam.

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