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The Fall of Plaguestone (3/3)

The party travels to Spite's Cradle and comes across a palisade with a locked gate. Faakt manages to scale the wall with his climbing kit, but is spotted by one of the guards. He quickly raises the bar on the gate and as the alarm goes off, the party rushes forward to assault the guard tower as the orc Greytusk peppers them with arrows. The ranger Hans von Braun, who has been scouting out the compound the last few weeks, seizes the oppurtunity to engage the guards from the other side of the compound. The situation quickly turns into an all out brawl as an enraged Lord Nar erupts from his throne room, four more guards in tow. Without too much effort and thanks to some efficient spellcasting from Aimar, the party manages to decimate the orc guards.

Searching through the orc's living quarters, the party manages to figure out the mechanism of Lord Nar's wooden throne and find his secret stash. In a streak of luck, Aimar also manages to find a crucial Repair Kit among the various items strewn about the sleeping caverns. With the use of a hero point he manages to critically repair Faakt's shield, which broke under Lord Nar's relentless assault. Afterwards, the party opens the door to the main compound using the bronze key found on Nar's body, and after a moment is immediately besieged in the lobby by two elemental creatures, which Orion correctly identifies as Zephyr Hawks. After dispatching the elementals, they note the framed map showing travel times by horse between the various villages of the area, including the Ruins of Plaguestone.

Further in the compound the party is again waylaid by several Brine Sharks popping out from a fountain! After dispatching the second group of bound elementals, the party patches up Aimar and ventures forth, coming across the laboratory where several Alchemical Drudges are hard at work creating poisons. The party makes quick work of them, and tracks back to the storeroom and the kitchen where they engage the cook homonculus Pergy, who makes a run for it! Fortunately Hans and his loyal dog Rocky block the exit, preventing Pergy from reaching his mistress. Having explored the entire first floor, the party decends into the basement of the building.

They first enter the dungeons, where they fight the Almagam, Vilree's experiment-turned-jailor, and continue their way on into her private laboratory. There they quickly dispatch the Cinder Rat and the homonculi that were cleaning the animal pits. After going through Vilree's belongings they discover that she has hollowed out the plaguestone with acid and filled it with the Viridian Vapor, planning to detonate it in order to murder everyone in Etran's Folley and avenging her mother. Venturing deeper, the party descends into a cavern laced with veigns of luminous fleystone, where they are attacked by several bats nesting among the stalactites. Surviving the ordeal, they finall come face to face with Vilree herself. They decline her offer, and heroicly dispatch her Behemoth and the alchemist herself. In her final moments, Vilree tels the party her homonculus is already underway to detonate the stone. The party rushes towards Plaguestone on horseback, and decide to wait at the stone for the drudge to appear. Once it does, they quickly take it out and save the town!


Having brought Bort's killer and the mastermind behind his murder to justice, the party enjoys a well earned respite. FaaktOrion and Xuttil decide to remain in Plaguestone to rebuild the town into something better while Aimar continues his flight from Taldor westward.

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