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Reddit Campaign: The Fall of Plagestone

Four brave heroes find themselves on Bort Bargith's caravan, heading for the capital of Andoran. What starts out as a simple voyage, soon turns into an epic quest in which the fate of Golarion hangs in the balance.

The Fall of Plaguestone (1/3)

A group of new adventurers, traveling through the small community of Plaguestone, must come together to solve the murder of a friend. What starts as simple investigation quickly turns sinister with the discovery of forbidden alchemy, mutant animals, and a nearby forest rotting away due to a mysterious blight.

The Fall of Plaguestone (2/3)

After several days of downtime the Elven Ranger Noala Kesrir arrives in the town of Etran's Folley, dragging the pack of wolves the adventurers killed earlier on her cart.

The Fall of Plaguestone (3/3)

The party travels to Spite's Cradle and comes across a palisade with a locked gate. Faakt manages to scale the wall with his climbing kit, but is spotted by one of the guards.

Faakt Sharptooth

Beckoned by the call of adventure and driven by a multitude of prophetic dreams, Faakt Sharptooth leaves the Twin Village known as Hrugrak in search of true adventure. Travelling through the dreary lands of Isger, his desire for adventure is tamed by the local distrust for goblins stemming from the Goblinblood Wars. Weary of Isgers inhospitality towards goblinkind, Faakt meets Bort Bargit on the Caravaneers Office on his way out of Elidir, and becomes enamoured by the dwarf's stories of a young, ideolistic democracy known as Andoran. In exchange for labor in the form of protection, Bort offers Faakt a job and together with a group of passenders the caravan sets off to Almas.

Orion Pavo

The oracle Orion bears a curse of powerful visions and occult knowledge, rumoured to be the side effects of a pact with a powerful entity from far beyond the stars. Burdened by prophetic dreams and lapses of painful and involuntary memory recollection, the starry-eyed and soft-spoken Oracle travels Golarion in order to piece together his dissasociated knowledge, not knowing whether the result would be enlightenment or terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein.

Faëlarin Aimar Arathya

After the bloodbath at the Courthouse in Oppara, Faëlarin Arathya finds himself a fugitive on the run from both Taldoran law enforcement and mercenary assassins hired by the Farrora family.

Xuttil Azrok

"I Stride forward and I Power Attack!"

Hans von Braun

Hans von Braun, his brother Werner and his daughter Vicky lived in a medium-sized town in Isger, not far from the Five Kings Mountains. The brothers ran a potion shop in town with Werner as the head of operations, Vicky running the store and Hans managing the logistical side of business. One day after Hans returned from foraging, he found the shop in flames and at the cost of the flames burning his face and hands, singlehandely retrieved Werner and Vicky from the burning building. However, his beloved brother and daughter did not survive the suffocating smoke. A later investigation concluded the fire originated in the lab. Hans was gifted his brothers only remaining belongings by the authorities: a journal and a ring. Wracked with grief and guilt, Hans left the city and wandered aimlessly across eastern Isger, finally ending up in Etran's Folley and befriending the stoic Noala. 

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