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Faëlarin Aimar Arathya

After the bloodbath at the Courthouse in Oppara, Faëlarin Arathya finds himself a fugitive on the run from both Taldoran law enforcement and mercenary assassins hired by the Farrora family.

Jean-Pierre de Bavarois

Born of a Chelaxian mother and Isgerian father, Jean-Pierre de Bavarois was born 52 years ago in Ravounel. As a youth Jean-Pierre seemed a natural scholar, having an inherent interest in many subjects. However, a wide array of interests combined with a penchant for micro-obsessions and a lack of ambition led him to miserably fail medical school. Afterwards, the adolescent Jean-Pierre joined the local city guard for a number of years, finally landing a job as a cornoner with the local hospital. Jean-Pierre has spent the last ten years of his life tending to dead locals and adventurers.


In a harsh landscape, Ozruc, a young hobgoblin, learned strength mattered most. A chance encounter gave him a firearm, symbolizing power and control. He became a feared gunslinger. After aiding Dimli against a demon, Ozruc was expelled from his gang. He joined Dimli, struggling to leave his criminal past. Dimli mentored him, teaching trust and friendship. Ozruc faced distrust and temptation but chose good, inspired by Dimli. Their journey showed change is difficult but possible, inspiring others.

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