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Jean-Pierre de Bavarois

Born of a Chelaxian mother and Isgerian father, Jean-Pierre de Bavarois was born 52 years ago in Ravounel. As a youth Jean-Pierre seemed a natural scholar, having an inherent interest in many subjects. However, a wide array of interests combined with a penchant for micro-obsessions and a lack of ambition led him to miserably fail medical school. Afterwards, the adolescent Jean-Pierre joined the local city guard for a number of years, finally landing a job as a cornoner with the local hospital. Jean-Pierre has spent the last ten years of his life tending to dead locals and adventurers.

Ancestry Human
Heritage Skilled Heritage
Background Scholar (Nature)
Class Investigator
Size 2
Gender M
Age 44
Alignment N
Deity Not set
Class Investigator
Key Ability INT
Class DC 19
Perception +9
Ability Scores
NameValue Mod
STR 100
DEX 121
CON 121
INT 184
WIS 142
CHA 121
Saving Throws
Fortitude +6
Reflex +6
Will +7
Armor Class
Total 18
Proficiency Bonus 5
Ability Bonus 1
Item Bonus 2
Shield Bonus 2
Lore (Underworld)9
Lore (Academia)9
Name Qty Prof Pot Str Die Dam Attack D.Bonus Runes
Rapier 1 martial 0 d6 P 6 0
Name Qty Prof Pot Res Worn? Runes
Quilted Armor 1 light 0 1
Steel Shield 1 shield 0 1
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