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Hans von Braun

Hans von Braun, his brother Werner and his daughter Vicky lived in a medium-sized town in Isger, not far from the Five Kings Mountains. The brothers ran a potion shop in town with Werner as the head of operations, Vicky running the store and Hans managing the logistical side of business. One day after Hans returned from foraging, he found the shop in flames and at the cost of the flames burning his face and hands, singlehandely retrieved Werner and Vicky from the burning building. However, his beloved brother and daughter did not survive the suffocating smoke. A later investigation concluded the fire originated in the lab. Hans was gifted his brothers only remaining belongings by the authorities: a journal and a ring. Wracked with grief and guilt, Hans left the city and wandered aimlessly across eastern Isger, finally ending up in Etran's Folley and befriending the stoic Noala. 

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