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Faakt Sharptooth

Beckoned by the call of adventure and driven by a multitude of prophetic dreams, Faakt Sharptooth leaves the Twin Village known as Hrugrak in search of true adventure. Travelling through the dreary lands of Isger, his desire for adventure is tamed by the local distrust for goblins stemming from the Goblinblood Wars. Weary of Isgers inhospitality towards goblinkind, Faakt meets Bort Bargit on the Caravaneers Office on his way out of Elidir, and becomes enamoured by the dwarf's stories of a young, ideolistic democracy known as Andoran. In exchange for labor in the form of protection, Bort offers Faakt a job and together with a group of passenders the caravan sets off to Almas.

Ancestry Goblin
Heritage Unbreakable Goblin
Background Child of the Twin Village
Class Barbarian
Size 1
Gender Male
Age 34
Alignment N
Deity Vrouwe Des Meer
Class Barbarian
Key Ability STR
Class DC 19
Perception +7
Ability Scores
NameValue Mod
STR 184
DEX 142
CON 142
INT 100
WIS 100
CHA 121
Saving Throws
Fortitude +9
Reflex +9
Will +7
Armor Class
Total 20
Proficiency Bonus 5
Ability Bonus 2
Item Bonus 3
Shield Bonus 2
Lore (Goblin Lore)5
Lore (Dreamlands)5
Name Qty Prof Pot Str Die Dam Attack D.Bonus Runes
Javelin 4 simple 0 d6 P 7 4
Special Unarmed (1d10) 1 unarmed 0 d10 B, P or S 9 4
Battle Axe 1 martial 0 d8 S 9 4
Name Qty Prof Pot Res Worn? Runes
Hide 1 medium 0 1
Steel Shield 1 shield 0 1
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