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Apocrypha of Darius

Two Inquisitorial Acolytes codenamed Bert and Slo are deployed to Hive World Tarsis in order to investigate why the planet is not paying all of it's imperial tithes. One of the noble houses refuses to hand over their latent psykers to the Emperor's Mercy, the Blackship from which the acolytes are deployed under the auspices of Inquisitor Vespula Osyrix. Aided by their contacts planetside, the acolytes discover the fall of House Yu is intrinsically linked to the activities of Darius Klingt, the Rogue Trader responsible for disseminating heretical apocrypha among the planet's worker population.


Bert and Slow are sent on their first assignment: assisting in the capture of unsanctioned psykers. The Acolytes learn that various Underhive gangs harbour the unsanctioned psykers missing from the Imperial tithes. They capture their target in a quick, efficient manner and hand him off to the Emperor's Mercy.


The Acolytes investigate the ship of Darius Klingt, a Rogue Trader suspect of disseminating the heretical apocrypha that inspired House Yu's refusal to hand off their unsanctioned psykers. Within the close confines of the claustrophobic vessel they discover the crew has been eliminated by an unknown third party. After overcoming the ship's lockdown status by using it's crammed crawlspaces, the Acolytes also find incriminating evidcence, a portion of psycho-active drugs... and Darius' pet Phyrr cat, who has been growing hungry in the absence of it's master.

The Corpse Grinders

A corpse starch factory in Tarsis' manufactoria blocks has ceased it's production after it's crew slaughtered their overseers and made their escape. Thought to be an ordinary corpse grinder cult phenomena, the Acolytes make their way through the structure where ex-members of House Yu are currently processed in order to uncover the truth. Aided by Ambrose Phrix and Jacobus Grim, the Acolytes come across a member of the cult but fail in their attempt to capture him alive for interrogation.

They pick up the cult's trail at the base of the structure, and manage to jury rig a Ridgehauler to continue the pursuit. Once they gained up on the escaping workers, a chase is about to ensue... cut short by Slo's succesful attempt to underrun their vehicle. After a short standoff and an attempt by the workers to escape, most of them are apprehended alive. Searching the vehicle, they once again find heretical apocrypha. The Acolytes decide to turn in both the captives as the mysterious apocrypha to the Inquisition. They make their way to the Voidport to make the exchange.

Griswald Station

The Acolytes are summoned by their Inquisitor and Planetary Govenor Marius Hax, and get a small primer of what life is like for Hive Tarsis' nobles. Marius is in dour spirits, as he explains that the matriarch Morgana Yu has left the planet and fled to Griswald station, an off-the-record black site where Tarsus' most promising Psykers are trained. In order to apprehend Morgana, the Emperor's Mercy moved in orbit with the planets moon and a strategy is devised to enter the station, which is not answering any hails. The Acolytes don void suits, and make the precarious space jump towards the statio's exterior. They enter through a maintainance hatch and traverse one of the stations emergency tubes, from where they can move to either Life Support or Null Station. Since the Acolytes have limited oxigen, they decide to try and turn on life support functions. Stmbling through a dark room in zero-G the Acolytes decide to use their support servo skull to determine the order they should engage the power, air flow, lights, and artificial gravity.

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