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At the moment I've just started with BattleTech! I'm now the proud owner of the Beginner Box and A Game Of Armored Combat, as well as the Total Warfare book. I've only got a few games under my belt, but I'm exited to discover the game in all it's granularity. As the game has had a publication history of over 40 years, we decided it would be a good idea to consolidate our purchases and painting efforts into a big document for future reference.

  • These forces can be found in the Local Recognition Guide.
  • Looking for a Record Sheet? I'm collecting the official sheets for all 'mechs on the LRG on /recordsheets.
  • I'm also designing a section of the website to host campaign tracks. The first one is simply the Planetary Assault campaign from Chaos Campaign: Succession Wars. I'm planning to add some custom designs soon!
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