Welcome to the code section of the website! Here you'll find a few examples of code I wrote for my own website and my Unity projects. To be frank this area of the website pretty much functions as a repository of ideas that may or may not make it into production one day.

A SEO friendly way to make menu's in VUE3

Javascript: 50.00%
HTML: 50.00%

VUE3 Color Picker for CSS Root Vars

Javascript: 50.00%
HTML: 50.00%

Using CSS transforms for micro-interactions in VUE3

Javascript: 50.00%
HTML: 50.00%

Using Vue3 in ProcessWire Templates

HTML: 40.00%
Javascript: 60.00%

2D Shadows in Unity

C#: 100.00%

How to make a simple image gallery in VUE3

Javascript: 33.33%
HTML: 33.33%
CSS: 33.33%

StateMachines in Unity

C#: 100.00%

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