Hello world!

Hello, my name is Frans van Berendonk. I'm a software developer from the Netherlands. During the day I develop websites and online apps for DOCK14, and in my free time I enjoy playing videogames, and developing my own modest code experiments in Unity. I've been interested in design since I could hold a pencil, and in programming ever since I my dad showed me BASIC on an Acorn Atom he soldered himself.

Eve Online: Triglavian Invasion

Published 24/09/2020

The one-of-a-kind space MMO Eve Online is a single-shard universe shared by thousands of players that has been running for over a decade. I've played the game for years, but stopped playing after achieving what I set out to do and growing somewhat bored with the gameplay on offer.

mooR Oisterwijk

Published 11/08/2020

We completed the new website for mooR Oisterwijk. The graphic design is made by Dennis Boekhout.

A new lick of paint

Published 18/05/2020

I got bored with my old layout as soon as I finished my new website. Go figure.

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